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INSIDE STRAIGHT released in paperback

INSIDE STRAIGHT, the first volume in our new Wild Cards triad, has just been released in mass market paperback. If you missed the hardcover edition, this is your chance to go and snap it up before the release of the second volume, BUSTED FLUSH, on December 9.

Unfortunately, there's a rather egregious gaffe on this edition. Somehow the copy on the back cover got screwed up, and the plot details given there are actually those from BUSTED FLUSH, not INSIDE STRAIGHT. We'll fix those on the second printing, I suppose, assuming there is a second printing. In which case the first printing may become as rare and valuable as that upside-down airmail stamp (but probably not).

Meanwhile, enjoy INSIDE STRAIGHT, but don't go looking for zombies, hurricanes, and nuclear explosions. Those are all in the second book.


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