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More on Vance

Tom Kidd has finished the last of his wonderful interior illustrations for the Subterranean Press limited edition of the Jack Vance tribute anthology, SONGS OF THE DYING EARTH. I love the work he's been doing. We have twenty-two writers in the book, and each story will have its own full-page illustration.

Here's what Tom did for my own yarn, "A Night at the Tarn House."

All the stories are now in, and all the art as well. The last thing that remains are the signature pages, which are making the rounds to the final half-dozen contributors so they can affix their scrawls. After that the book will go to the printers. Look for the SubPress edition in the late spring or early summer, and the Tor edition six months later (the Tor edition will not have the artwork, however).

The lettered edition of SONGS OF THE DYING EARTH is sold out, but copies of the numbered edition (signed by Vance and all the authors) are still available through the SubPress website at

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