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prayers for Lillian

I've just received some terrible news from my friends at Dark Sword Miniatures. Their daughter stopped breathing Monday at daycare, and is in the hospital.

Jim writes:

"circumstances are grave. she will most likely not make it, but we are holding out hope for a miracle recovery.

could you say a paryer for her and ask your readers to pray for her?

She is only 3 months old (and so healthy) and this came out of nowwhere.

She is hooked up to a breathing machine but will once in a while fight in a breath of her own as her little body trys to get better.

Her brain is in really rough shape.

I am typing this from a hospital laptop.

If you and your readers could keep our daughter in your thoughts, we would be thankful."

I hope that all of you will join with me in sending your prayers and good wishes to little Lillian, and hoping for a good outcomne. You can send your messages of support directly to her parents via

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