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Once More, the Calendars

It's now March, and I think... hope... that we are almost done with the calendar business.

Les Dabel has assured me that everyone who bought and paid for a calendar has now been sent one (some have been sent two, or even three, he says, in cases where the first one never arrived). The international shipments may not yet have been delivered in all cases, overseas airmail being what it is, but all of them are on the way.

This leaves only the signed calendars. And no, those have not yet arrived here for signing. Let me say once again that the minute they turn up, I will post it here.

(Let me also say, once again, that I will NOT be signing any 2010 calendars. Les, Ernst, please do not offer any 2010 signed versions, I do not want to go through this again)

(And that's March, FWIW. Arya and the dragon skulls. Komarck is amazing. I do hope enough of you nominated him for that Hugo, he deserves a spot on the ballot).
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