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Boys Says Goodbye to TO

So the Dallas Cowboys have released Terrell Owens.

Smartest thing that Jerry Jones has done in years. Addition by subtraction.

I certainly hope that the Giants and the Jets both have the good sense to stay away from this guy. He's a talented receiver, sure -- although age has started to catch up to him -- but he's also a locker room cancer.

Most of ESPN's talking heads seem to feel that the only team that might take a chance on TO now is the Oakland Raiders. Is even Al Davis that crazy? Maybe so. Sorry, Lodey.

The Cowboys also released Roy Williams. The safety Roy Williams, not the recently acquired wideout Roy Williams. Williams will have an easier time finding a new team than TO. He's a liability in coverage, but he's still a hard hitter and a punishing tackler, might be useful as a role player in the right defense.

FWIW, I have been very pleased by what the Giants and Jets have been doing in free agency. I was sorry to lose Derrick Ward ("Wind," from Earth, Wind, and Fire) from the G-Men, but he deserves the chance to start, and the Giants are still set at running back with Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Danny Ware. Meanwhile, they have been bolstering what was already a pretty formidable defense, picking up Michael Boley from the Falcons, Chris Canty from the Cowboys, and Rocky Bernard from the Seahawks. Adding that trio to Osi, Kiwi, Justin Tuck, Fred Robbins, Jay Alford, and Barry Cofield should give the G-Men the most explosive pass-rush rotation in the league... and they were already pretty good at sacking the QB.

Meanwhile, the Jets have signed Bart Scott from the Ravens and Lito Shepard from the Eagles, and that should make their D a lot tougher as well.

As a fan, I've always loved tough D, so it's great to see both of my teams strengthening the side of the ball.

(Comments welcome, but only on the NFL, please)
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