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Signed Calendars Mailed

Just got an email from Les Dabel, who assures me that, "ALL the signed Calendars are now out except 60 of them which we will drop off the post office tomorrow morning. Thanks."

So those of you who ordered an autographed calendar should be getting those soon. These are the calendars with the Jon Snow cover. I know there was confusion about the covers and which was which and which was limited and which was not. I wasn't involved in any of that, so I won't elaborate. I know I signed 250 copies of the Jon Snow cover and none of the Ned Stark cover, so the signed calendars are the Snows.

I would like to put this whole mess behind me, so I am closing comments on this post. I have no more information on the calendars beyond what I have just posted, and I have no information whatsover on the prints, which I was never involved with. You might write to Michael Komarck about those, I understand he is considering selling them directly from his own website. If there is enough demand, I am sure he will.

I hope that everyone who is still waiting gets their calendars soon.

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