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It's May, and this should be my last post about the 2009 calendars. Les Dabel tells me that all of them have now been shipped. Yes, even the autographed ones I signed in March. Yes, every single last one. He also tells me that they sent out some scarce HEDGE KNIGHT comic books, to help make up for the delay. The promised "extra content" -- samples from the 2010 calendar -- obviously could not be included, since the 2010 calendar has been cancelled.

No, it's not the ending we would have wished for, but it is an ending. Everyone who paid for a calendar should have one soon, if you do not have one already.

(Yes, I am aware there is still an issue about the prints. Sorry, I cannot help you with the prints. I had nothing whatsover to do with those; that matter is between the Dabels and their customers.)

Meanwhile... hell, it's May, time is rushing by again. Where do the months go?
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