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Toy Soldier Neepery

With my library renovations finally complete, I've been having fun with my collection of toy knights again, making new displays and recreating old ones.

The process has just started, but I thought I'd share some pics with you.

(Yes, I know, I have a whole Knights section of my webpage for this sort of thing, but my webmaster is travelling and unavailable, and backed up even when she does get home, and this is the only place I can actually post stuff without her. So if you don't give a fig about miniatures, dioramas, and toy soldiers... hey, just skip this post).

Here's the big tourney grandstand, with some jousts in progress:

Some knights in their tourney finery, waiting a turn at the lists:

A squire, polishing a helm and dreaming of glory:

The figures are by a variety of makers and painters, but all of them are 54mm scale.

Comments are welcome, but only about miniatures, dioramas, collecting toys, and such subjects. Stay on topic, please.
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